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From a young age, Bob not only grew up with music at the forefront of his life, but he was furnished with an innate passion to entertain and provide joy to those around him. Channelling this trait into his music, B2A aims to touch listeners with emotional storylines, thus immersing them into incredible life-like atmospheres. His goal from the beginning is to reach as far as possible with my music. To be heard in all corners of the world, extending the energy and dynamism to the audience on and off the dance floor. B2A released his first track May It be at the 1th of may 2018.

See here his recap one year later.

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Item 3

H.U.M.A.N. Album Teaser

My album H.U.M.A.N. is now online at Spotify and iTunes. But on my YouTube you will get some exclusive bootlegs! Stay tuned and enjoy.

Guide Me Home

Guide Me HomeB2A & Woodz. Ft. Job Lentferink

Chances are that you have a veteran or active military member in your social network. But have you stopped to truly listen to their story and reflect on what their contributions mean to your freedom? Men and women in uniform have put it all on the line for their country, setting aside their personal lives...

Item 3

One Year AnniversaryB2A one year recap.

B2A released his first track May It be at the 1th of may 2018. What have he become in one year?

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Download B2A album H.U.M.A.N. for free!

Finally, after a lot of work I am proudly present you the download of my first album H.U.M.A.N.. I am very satisfied with the big acceptance and interest, which has woken up this project. Thank you very much! I will not keep you any longer and leave you with what is important; The MUSIC. Signing up gives you an exclusive free download of my album H.U.M.A.N.